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using box breathing technique and memory reconsolidation to possibily cure sad disorder

I found a research made on 2017 that discovered a process called memory reconsolidation, it is a procedure that can be used to change and even remove fear memories in the brain. The process of memory reconsolidation consist of proposefully remeembering the memory that causes the fear response and imediately when you feel the fear you use especial techniques (this may be especial relaxation techniques like box breathing, or even drugs that inhibit fear and panic) to imediately stop or reduce the fear and then repeat this process, the idea is that when you do this and repeat it you are triggering the process of memory reconsolidation that is removing the fear response from the memory, so when you remenber that memory again you dont feel the fear response anymore. Acording to this article - a drug to cure fear, by Richard A Friedman on the new york times - in about four days of doing the process of memory reconsolidation the fear memory can be reduced or even removed (in the article the study was done in a patient with arachnophobia (fear of spiders), and in about 4 days the patient was able to hold a spider in his hands).

So my idea is to use the box breathing technique (inhale counting for four seconds, then stop for four seconds, then exhale for four seconds, then stop for four seconds and repeat for at least 3 times, just search box breathing on google and you will find several articles on box breathing) along with the process of memory reconsolidation to remove social anxiety (phobia). So here is what you should do: every time you remenber some memory that causes you to feel social anxiety or when you are in a situation that makes you feel socialy anxious you imediately use the box breathing technique and repeat until the anxiety stops or reduce. By doing this you are changing your brain to feel less fear and anxiety and be able to function normaly in social situations, I believe it can possibly cure social phobia.

I think you all should try the box breathing technique it is very simple and easy to do and it is very effective (even the navy seals use it), it can be used not only to treat phobias but also any other bad feelings like depression, sadness, grief, or excessive anger. It is also very discrete you can do box breathing anytime or on anyplace, no one will notice.

Here are some other links l recommend you to watch:

A video about memory reconsolidation - just type memory hackers on youtube, it is a video of 46 min.

The magazine - a prime on memory reconsolidation and its psychoterapist use as a core process of profound change

The book - unlocking the emotinal brain: eliminating simptons and their roots using memory reconsolidation

and another book called evolve your brain by doctor joe dispenza. You can download these books for free on pdfdrive
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