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Dr Richards - Overcoming Social Anxiety Step by Step

Has anyone had any success with this program? I found it online a while back and haven't used it yet.
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Re: Dr Richards - Overcoming Social Anxiety Step by Step

i have just started these cds and I think they are the answer for me but I am having a really hard time.

I wish there was a group online here where others who were doing the cds could talk to each other about how it is going.

I am catching my negative thinking and basically when I am around other people my thinking is virtually all negative. I think it is going to be harder for me because I am older and have had this problem for so long.
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Re: Dr Richards - Overcoming Social Anxiety Step by Step

I am currently working through this series and have found it to be immensely helpful. I'm on CD 13 or 14.

I think it would do even more good if I had a structured, face-to-face group to attend to put into practice what I'm learning. Because I can't find a face-to-face group, I've been attending the Social Phobics Anonymous conference calls and I've found them to be quite helpful. You do not have to speak on these calls, no one knows who you are, you can just call in and listen. I usually try to speak at least once because it makes me feel good to face my fears. If interested... http://www.healsocialanxiety.com Everyone with social anxiety is welcome and it's completely anonymous.

The Dr. Richard's program is helpful but you actually have to work the program - consistently. Don't expect to just read the workbook and listen to the cd's once and be "cured". You get out of it what you put into it and I recommend it.
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Re: Dr Richards - Overcoming Social Anxiety Step by Step

I have just started the tapes also. I am impressed with the technique, but agree with Jocelyn that it would be helpful to have a structured, face to face group. In lieu of that, Greyden's idea seems like a good substitute. Does anyone know of an online forum, conference or whatever that uses these tapes? I live in Niceville, Fl in the Florida panhandle and have been unable to find anyone to respond to a request for a local group. Does anyone know how to set up an online session if we could get several people interested in doing it? It would be wonderful to have someone who has been to Dr. Richards' program as a facilitator. Any graduates on this forum?

Incidentally, Jocelyn, at one time there was a face to face group in Houston led by a graduate of Dr Richards' program. You may wish to check his web site to see if they are still listed. If not, maybe you could email SAI and ask if there is a group in Houston. I agree with you about the need for work. I talked with Dr. Richards via email and he emphasized the need for motivation, perserverance and repetition in using CBT. He recommended that once one finishes the audio program that they immediately start it over again and repeat it until it becomes second nature to them. No one else can do this for us, we have to do that work ourselves no matter what program we are using.

See the movie "A Beautiful Mind" to see what CBT can do. I am planning to read the book to see if it gives more detail. Some of the research that has been done on CBT shows astounding results for motivated people.
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Re: Dr Richards - Overcoming Social Anxiety Step by Step

Got this online myself, the only other audio series that I've come across was Lucinda Bassett's one which I also have but haven't used yet. I took alot of the statements from the workbook and created flash cards on my PDA which I can use when I'm working out or in the car etc, which helps to "sink down" into the brain the positive statements. CD13/14 is about where he tells you to start to take some action which is imperative and enjoyable with any CBT program.

For audio use I'd also recommend some of the NLP stuff by Dr. Lloyd Glauberman and any nature sounds you can get your hands on for sleeping problems.
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Re: Dr Richards - Overcoming Social Anxiety Step by Step

I have been doing the program for a month now, and I am noticing remarkable improvement.
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Re: Dr Richards - Overcoming Social Anxiety Step by Step

yes, and I sill listen to his tapes because he knows what he is doing. I have improved about 40-50% in anxiety reduction along with meds bit but it still not enough.

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence and than success is sure," Mark Twain

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Re: Dr Richards - Overcoming Social Anxiety Step by Step

I just completed them, they definitely made a difference for me.
They emphasize a lot on catching the negative thoughts, slow talk for self control. Just being able to modify your behaviour to do this is significant.
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