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When do you prefer to go to the gym?

I typically like anytime on the weekends, when it's slower. Sometimes I'll go on a Saturday morning if I happen to be out. If not I'll go Saturday night which is good because it's quiet then. Sundays are nice too, I've been going the last few Sunday afternoons.

During the week I don't like to go, because in the evenings it's super busy and I get nervous. Other than Friday nights which also tend to be pretty slow.

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Tuesday and Thursday I go straight from work when I get off. That time varies a lot depending on what's going on that day. Could be anywhere from 10am-6pm. Occasionally I'll go before if I'm starting late that day. If I'm off work on Tuesday or Thursday I go around 9am. Saturday and Sunday I go at 9am, too.

I'm gonna be on the road for work this coming week, so before I head out to Florida on Tuesday I'm gonna hit the gym. Then I'll have to find a gym in Florida on Thursday after I unload the truck. Once I get the name of the town I'm going to I'll start checking Google for a proper gym with the right equipment and a parking lot that can accommodate a large truck. I'll be back Friday evening so my weekend gym schedule will be unaffected.
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Depends on what sort of training I am doing. If I am doing more heavy compounds using bench, or stuff with the rack and I am trying to ramp up strength, I like it quiet, so prefer mornings. Otherwise I tend to prefer evenings:

1. I typically fast, or eat very little during the day. Evenings lets me get in a good meal afterwards and its fine. If I train earlier in the day I will just eat like crazy afterwards and go way over calories.
2. More people, and I have something to do during the hours I feel less lonely.

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