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What can I change to help my SA?

Hi All,

Here is my typical daily routine. If anyone has tips on what I can improve to help my SA, please comment.

Every day I wake up and take 4 fish oil and a B-Complex. Throughout the day I take 600-1200 mg L-Theanine and 1500 mg korean ginseng. I have tried every possible supplement for SA and none seem to help at all. I smoke about 8 cigarettes per day (I know this is terrible and I'm working on quitting). I have smoked marijuana every day for the past three years, but only at night (I am trying to quit this as well). I typically skip breakfast due to lack of time (I am in graduate school) and don't eat until I get home around 3. I then eat a huge meal and another later at night. I typically go to bed around 11 and get up at 6:30. I exercise once every 1-2 weeks (this is bad too). I have so much pressure from graduate school I feel like I have no time to change my routine (irrational but that's the feeling I have).

I am getting increasingly frustrated with my situation, since whenever someone of importance talks to me I basically panic. Strangely, I can talk to strangers perfectly fine with hardly any anxiety, but when it comes to professors that already know who I am, it's another story.

Hopefully someone has some useful advice for me.
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Thanks Buckyx! What are your thoughts on reducing my marijuana usage (I have a MM License) and quitting cigarettes? I am trying to plan a daily diet and routine that will help me work on SA, could you give me your thoughts on this:

Breakfast: Eggs and toast, maybe bacon, fish oil and vitamin B

Lunch: Vegetables and rice stir fry

Workout for an hour, mostly cardio and some lifting

Dinner: Meat, potatoes, and other vegetables
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