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My Supplement Plan

Just thought I would share my supplement plan I started when I was admitted to a Holistic Mental Health Treatment Center after spending a week and a half in a Psych hospital for attempted suicide. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this btw.

This was recommended by a natural path doctor at the facility I was at. They create a personal supplements plan for every resident at the facility to come off benzos, stimulents, opiates etc. My plan was created with the background that I had been on Clonazepam as needed for two and half to three years, which was no where near as bad as some of the other residents which had been on benzos for 20 or more years. They were going thru really horrible withdrawls...

Supplement Plan Daily
Fish Oil: 1000mg-Am 1000mg-Pm
Probiotics: Once in Morning - Once at Night
Vit. C: 1000mg-Am 1000mg-Pm
Niacin: 300mg-Am 300mg-Pm
Taurine: Once at Night
L-Theanine: Once in Morning - Once at Night
Triptophan: 1000mg-Pm
Glycine: 500mg-Pm
Vit. B Complex: Once in Morning
Phenitropic: Once in Morning - Once at Night
Sleep Tincure: As needed "ingredients"- Valerian (herb) and others.
Melatonin: Taken as needed, was explained that it can help calm anxiety in addition to help you sleep of course.
Endorphigen: Once in Morning - Once at Night
Helps promote healthy endorphin levels. Not sure if it helped me though, I couldn't tell.

Lithium Orotate: 3mg-5mg Once in Morning - Once at Night
Natural form of lithium which is much better for you than the pharmaceutical version. Natural mood stabilizer which only requires 5mg or less unlike the other version of Lithium Carbonate.

Vit. D3: 5000mg Once in Morning
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Thank you, I hope I can help some people here find supplements that will help them with there struggles in life.
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