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Originally Posted by Canadian Brotha View Post
Annoyed I put that horrible tasting crap in my mouth, lol
That's what she said...
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Originally Posted by funnynihilist View Post
That's what she said...
Suppose I should’ve expected that...
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Makes me super jittery. I shake a little most of the time anyways, but I shake a lot more when I have a cup of coffee. I hate the taste anyways and never really drink it.
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Coffee actually makes me anxious most of the time. When I drink it 80% of the time I feel anxious.

I crave it sometimes but tell myself I shouldn't have it.
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It's my preferred beverage. I only drink filtered nowadays and stick to a particular brand which is just right for me.

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I need it. I can't start the day without my French press mud. I usually take CBD while I'm drinking it as well.
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How do I feel?


You are a success story waiting to happen!
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Live and HELP live is better!


(troll activity on the increase)

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Coffee doesn't seem to do anything to me - I don't know why. I always have tea first in the morning to sort of wake up, then I usually switch to coffee because I get sick of the taste.
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One or 2 makes me feel better, after that I could turn into a shaky snake.

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i'm an idiot and i pour too much instant coffee powder into my mug. then i get annoyed that it feels like my heart has been teleported to the panic realm. actually my last 2 coffees were ok because i was running out of coffee.

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I dri k coffee before doing something intense like lifting weights or studying. Its more of a ritual, caffeine doesn't do anything to me anymore. It just helps get me in the mindset of doing some work.

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love the taste but i drink only decaf as regular makes my blood pressure go sky high

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"That didn't last very long"
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I hate it, it usually gives me heightened anxiety and even an upset stomach. But ocassionally I need to drink some to stay awake and reset my sleep schedule.
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Perks me up and makes me feel more confident usually in normal scenarios. Unless I am in anxious or high stress situations, then it certainly does make my anxiety worse.

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I don't ever seem to notice anything.
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It helps me wake up but makes the anxiety worse too so I avoid drinking it unless I really got no sleep or something.
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I dont even feel anything after i drink energy drinks, can even drink 2-3 of those and feel nothing. Coffeine has no impact on me anymore, maybe its becuse my body is so used to it.
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Like the blood of Zeus himself is flowing through my veins. Godlike. Powerful. Majestic. Awake.

Unless I have the tiniest thimble too much then I am quivering on the floor like a four year old who accidentally just inhaled cocaine.

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Drink it like it's water. Does that say anything?
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