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Fish Oil

Anyone taking Fish Oil? I've only heard positive things about it. I hear it's good for the heart, brain, eyes, skin, and helps with depression. I actually do not like seafood and probably eat it only once a year, so maybe I'm really lacking in Omega-3's.
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these miracle cures come and go but Ive never heard anyone say it can harm you, I take it for heart and artritus, the capsules now disolve lower down so no more fishy burps
some calim it helps with anxiety, but with all anxiety cures the strong possible placebo effect needs to be kept in mind
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Fish oil can work as a beta-blocker. Sometimes I get a 'runners-high' a few hours after I take fish oil.
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Originally Posted by DavidPT40
Fish oil can work as a beta-blocker. Sometimes I get a 'runners-high' a few hours after I take fish oil.
Really, how much do you take David?
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Indeed, omega-3 is an essential fatty acid; it cannot be synthesized in the body. It may not decrease anxiety, but you should still take it if you rarely eat fish.
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I'm taking fish oil and thinking it's good stuff. I seem to be less tense since I started taking it yet I still keep in mind the possible placebo effect arthur talks about.
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I take it. I try to take 3 caps in the morning and 3 at night minimum. From what I've read it does help with depression but only at high doses.
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It's not gonna hurt you. It might help. It definitely seems to help other components of one's health. Take it.

from ... mega-3.htm :

Conclusions (reviewed as of 3/2006; still seem to hold):

* the evidence is piling up that omega-3 fatty acids do something, at least in some people;
* the dose to use is not at all clear, as some studies suggest you can go too high and lose benefits (Nevets, Sagduyu), whereas many of the individual glowing results come with the higher doses;
* even at higher doses, the risks seem minimal, and there may actually be additional benefits (on cholesterol, perhaps arthritis);
* however, it's a large number of pills, though a minimal-moderate expense;
* fish burps can be managed easily
* it's not clear how long you have to wait to see benefits, but especially with the smaller doses they may take 1-2 months to show up, so if you take them, prepare yourself for a period of taking a lot of pills with no benefits.

Do I recommend them to my patients? Yes, rather commonly, especially when we're looking for all possible anti-depression tools to use, rather than have to use a typical antidepressant. I still have yet to see a clear-cut stunning improvement like those case reports in the table above, but because the risk appears to be so minimal, in many cases it seems like it's worth a try. ... 00006.html ... lm/i5.html
Eicosapentaenoic acid in treatment-resistant depression associated with symptom remission, structural brain changes and reduced neuronal phospholipid turnover.

Medication-related posts are for brainstorming purposes only. Talk to your doctor.

My meds: Parnate, Lamictal, Wellbutrin, trazodone
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