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Confused about tryptophan

Hi everyone. I have a question about tryptophan. I read that tryptophan can help with social anxiety by increasing seratonin levels, so I ordered some online, so now I have it, but recently I read that increasing seratonin can actually be worse, so the tryptophan would be bad. Which is the right answer? Should I take it, or not. Thanks for any replies.
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Hi KJG1974, if you buy tryptophan, it can be difficult to absorb so that's why doctor's recommend buying 5 HTP. Good luck! What did it say about tryptophan making things worse? in what way?
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Depends how much serotonin you have, if you have a lot then 5htp can make you feel worse. You might be lower in other things like dopamine so supplementing with something that raises dopamine levels might be better. There's some kind of acid test you can take to see your levels. Or just take it slow and see you you go.
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I'll post what I read about as soon as I can, but meanwhile, I've also read about hemp oil...That it can help too. Any insight into that from anyone? Thanks again.
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There is some information about social anxiety and serotonin levels being to high. If that's the case then tryptophan supplement would make your symptoms worse. Your could increase your consumption of foods that contain tryptophan and see if that has a positive or negative effect. Like greek yogurt , beef , chicken , turkey , pumpkin seeds etc. Increasing carbs also will have the effect of making more tryptophan available to be converted to serotonin. To lower serotonin you could reduce tryptophan rich foods and carbs. Also foods that are easier to digest are suppose to reduce serotonin levels and vise versa.
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As a side note, because I already take Cipramil, if I took a serotonin supplement or enzyme that produced it, I would be in danger of getting seratonin syndrome which can be lethal.

I heard this on the tv show House one night and looked into it. Lucky, because that week I was looking to buy enzymes that help with seratonin.
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