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Get a better paying job so I can afford a nice bass boat and go fishing as much as I can.
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get a good job that matches my level of education (master's in CS) preferably a data science job with 80K+ salary
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I am average!
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My goal is to live comfortably the way I want to live.

* Have a girlfriend
* Work on my projects
* Live free of economical stress
* Travel more
* Expand my hobbies and do more of different things

Basically just do what I want when I want
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to go on an adventure

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believe in urself
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1) work at a job that I'm more passionate about than the one I'm at now
2) Buy a place of my own to live in one day instead of renting
3) Be able to keep my place consistently clean
4) Become fluent in ASL
5)Be able to maintain a healthful diet
6) Create more art
7) Find a way to make the money to buy a place to live
Spend time with more than just the same two people

I think I need to make other social anxiety specific goals to live ideally but that seems much scarier.
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Get an associates not sure if in Hygeine or something else.

Create more art ( hard to create when the stresses of life are around you)

Get my own place. Eventually own my own townhome

Travel with my plus 1 ( Id love to go to France and italy and japan)

On my 30th bday go on a cruise or hot air ballon.

Get a kia soul ( this is pretty long term bc i have a new car in great condition-- so)

Learn Spanish
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Keep waking up.

Go up to Bali (again) and walk on Kuta beach for ages. Then get a flight to Bangkok and look at some of the stuff I didn't see last time.

Go to Vietnam, maybe get a train from the south to the north.

Go back to London. (hopefully when not insane this time) Look at some of the bookshops, go to the British Library and the Museum and hopefully just hang around for the summer some time.
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The ones I can think of atm:

• Get shredded
»six pack abs
»bigger muscles
»healthier diet
• Complete some art/hobby projects
»become familiar with 3d animation
»continue to improve my 2d animation
• Learn a couple songs on the piano
• Go to a concert
• Get my own place
»have whoever I want over
»get my own dog
• Find peace with myself
»consistent meditation
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Get jacked (working on that one already)
Buy a house and get it paid off
Get into a longterm relationship and hopefully married
Better self esteem and confidence in social situations
Go out of town with friends again
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Not A Low Calorie Food
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Leave a corpse that kinda looks like me? I don't know. Is there such a thing as a long time goal that doesn't involve me being a corpse?

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To travel the world with my parents and bestie.
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-Get my degree (working on it right now)
-Profit off of my art (sorta done this on a small scale but I need to try harder)
-move out after I'm done with school
-get into a more positive mental space again
-one thats kinda hard for me is to find my own group of people who share interests. I have a few who are friends and friends of friends, although it'd be cool to go out on my own and find a place I could frequent and discover new things and people
-find someone good to spend my life with, this one is also kind of tough

I'm really bad at keeping to my goals, so putting this here may help a lot.
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- Have a secure and stable income and move out

- Get a job in animation
- Getting rid of my driving anxiety

- Travelling with friends and family
- making more friends who really understand and accept me for who I am. I feel like I am not understood really well by most of my friends and the friendships are not as deep as I would like them to be. Hope to meet new people who can be close friends in the future.

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To get used to living alone or get someone else in my life - because this is horrible.
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Originally Posted by bassmaster View Post
Get a better paying job so I can afford a nice bass boat and go fishing as much as I can.
Good simple goal. How much you planning to spend on one?
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Try to get more stable on appropriate medication - that's the most important thing obviously. Hopefully this new psychiatrist will be nice. Then maybe a new woman in my life, I'm not sure about that one though - would get tricky with my wife. Will spend more time up in SE Asia as I get older - it's too bloody boring here.
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To live up to my nickname at work. (My nickname at work is "Mister *my last name*) for no reason other than I'm the oldest guy on our crew lol.
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Here are some of my goals:

1) Improve communication skills.
2) Acquire a new job.
3) Buy a cat.
4) Travel to Monako.
5) Publish my own fiction book.
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Barbells and kittens
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1.) Get a $50k/year or better job
2.) Be completely debt free
3.) Elite powerlifting total (really close to this) and maybe international elite someday if possible
4.) Save more money
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~ Decide on online degree or in person
~~See if I can juggle working full time and full time schooling
~~~Negotiate transportation issues

~ How can I build Your kingdom if I'm building my own
How can You be my treasure if I'm digging for gold
How can You be my fire if my heart has grown cold
How can You be my future if I've made this my home ~ Love & the Outcome
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