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Willtochange99 05-13-2015 07:24 AM

What are Your Long Term Goals?
What are some goals that you would like to accomplish in the future? What would you like your life to look like in the future?

This thread is to help encourage user to keep their dreams in mind.

Willtochange99 05-13-2015 07:24 AM

Some of my goals are:
-live outside of the US
-love again
-help the environment /work for a conservation job
-live independently (financially and emotionally)
-have a spiritual, fun, and open loving family

slyfox 05-30-2015 08:55 PM


Originally Posted by Willtochange99 (Post 1079963370)
What are some goals that you would like to accomplish in the future? What would you like your life to look like in the future?

This thread is to help encourage user to keep their dreams in mind.

- To be more skilled at art
- To be self-employed
- To be healthier and lose a bunch of weight
- To get my life more in order

calichick 05-30-2015 09:34 PM

1. Marriage
2. Lots of sex
3. Move
4. Climb up the corporate ladder? Financial security

Yes. I wish I could put chuldren on this list but seeing that my love life is practically non-existent, I'll aim for the sex first ;)

Andre 05-30-2015 10:25 PM

Have more energy and be happier.

Katze 06-10-2015 01:42 PM

- Eating healthy, loosing some weight and becoming stronger with workouts and strength training
- Become very skilled at Art
- Learning 3D software and Zbrush
- Making a living as a freelancer in graphic design, illustration and concept art
- Writing novels and short stories
- Traveling
- Making new friends who understand me
- being confident, carefree and happy

...too optimistic goals, right?

Imbored21 06-10-2015 02:18 PM

-Not work
-Move out

Kevin001 06-10-2015 04:49 PM

~ Get my SA down to a manageable level
~ Have some type of income coming in
~ Get my sleeve tattoo I've always wanted
~ Get a girlfriend with pretty eyes

I seriously doubt any of this will happen but here's hoping for the best.

crazaylulu 06-10-2015 09:33 PM

- Get down to a Size 4 dress size (i.e. lose 20 pounds and keep it off!)
- to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to do it for myself, not for anyone else, or to get guys to like me.(working out 1/2 an hour each day/eat healthier)
- Get to a point where I'm more confident in my social skills and don't beat myself up about it when I mess up in conversation
- Get to a point where I'm comfortable with my body and stop loathing/despising it
-Reach a point where I'm happy with myself/my hobbies/interests(i.e. love myself) so that I DON'T NEED a man in my life to love me to feel good about myself- that is when I would actually be ready to have someone in my life.
- To strengthen my faith in God and to know for sure what I believe in

TenYears 06-10-2015 09:39 PM

* Get my degree. I already have a POA in place, I just need to do it.
* Lose 20 pounds
* Save up $500

LifelongPaperPlane 06-14-2015 05:03 AM

My top 3 long term goals are:

-Graduate from college.
-Move to Canada.
-To love and actually be loved in return someday.

The first two are gonna take a few years to accomplish, but I feel like I'm on the right track. I think figuring out what will truly make you happy is half the battle.

Puppet Master 06-14-2015 09:25 PM

I have no goals anymore all those I had ended up being failures.

identificationunknown 06-14-2015 10:55 PM

1. finish college
2. get job
3. move to canada

SofaKing 06-15-2015 08:02 AM

2 Attachment(s)
In only a relative order of events:
  • Get healthier, physically.
  • Get a life partner.
  • Finish my Paramedic license
  • Get some good work experience that will make me a good candidate for Paramedicine in a place of beauty (doesn't matter which country or location).
  • Get some land in a beautiful place within a reasonable drive to "civilization" Vistas and some water would be ideal.

I know I'm not cut out for urban living and the whole heavy social scene. Whether it's going to end up as little ole' me, or hopefully with someone else, I just want to be able to be immersed in some natural beauty in an otherwise ugly world.

SofaKing 06-16-2015 05:09 AM

2 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Sin (Post 1080601842)

Lol...I was trying to figure out why this was quoted.'re cool, my friend.

Awkwgirlard 06-24-2015 06:11 PM

finish school
get some job experince
get driver licence
get friends
find love
live in a house hopfully in some other country
have confidence
have self esteem
hopefully I am living my dream in future

Wacky Wednesdays 06-26-2015 12:44 AM

In no particular order:

*Buy a house
*Improve my CV/skills
*Be a mum
*Travel to Japan

Kind Of 06-26-2015 11:36 AM

1) A large collection of writing, preferably published but potentially polished and self-published for niche audiences.

2) Get and stay in shape. Keep junk food to a minimum.

3) Reasonably secure job in a field I like.

4) Commandeer one of the programmers I talk to into being half the development for an indie game.

5) Become a polymath.

6) Speak a second language fluently.

7) Teach day classes or tutor people in English, math, or something else.

TryingMara 06-26-2015 11:41 AM

Travel more so I can explore more of the world. Financially support myself and live on my own.

noctilune 06-26-2015 12:11 PM

Continue working and save my money to buy a little house in the country.
Create more art.

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