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I PROMISE TO NETWORK MORE, you should too.

I feel that part of the reason why I and many others feel ourselves stagnating in adult life is our inability to network.

I am guilty of this. Even as I post this thread I know to myself I am terrible at this.
I mean, I often sit at this computer saying to myself that I have no friends, and whenever I have a problem, legally, financially or otherwise, I feel I have nobody to turn to.

But the thing is..THIS IS NOT TRUE.

In the last year alone, 2 of my primary school classmates have become lawyers, others are mechanics, at least one of them is a Carpenter...others work in the bank etc....
And everybody is on Facebook.

I have been stuck in my head so long thinking "we have nothing in common socially" that I have allowed myself to lose these contacts.

So today I made a baby-step. I chatted up one of my old classmates...just a simple, high hello, how is life, if I need anything in (your specific field) can I count on you ? ...and to my surprise, the person said yes...even if we haven't spoken in years.

The thing is....this doesn't come naturally...I consciously have to do it...but it is necessary. This is how the world works.

It's more than just your paper qualifications....it's networking.

So I challenge you today...you may have a plumbing problem, a legal problem, something financial ....I challenge you to look up your list of classmates from school...there must be at least one person who you can consult.
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Some people are so good at networking it's called corruption
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It's very obvious to me that we live in two very different worlds lol, but good luck.

edit: also kind of old thread that someone bumped for some reason. I had some more thoughts but post is too old to bother.

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