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Do you ever feel anxious/guilty when you're not productive?

Ugh, I have so much anxiety. It's gotten to the point now where I feel guilty about having to sleep.

I always feel the need to advance towards my goals. If I have an unproductive day (which is when I either do nothing or have to take care of other things), I feel like a worthless human being. I basically have to be productive most of time, and if I'm not, I'm not good enough. I have an inferiority complex and I am what some people call an "overachiever".

I already feel like I've wasted so much time because I could have accomplished so much. I want to get ahead, and am frustrated when I can't. Which makes me feel like I have to make up for it tenfold. It's becoming a cycle. Does anyone else get this way?

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I get the same way too.

I have good days and bad days, but even on the bad days I try to do at least something, one thing, even if it's small. It makes me feel a bit better to at least get something done. Just don't stop, don't give up, and learn to appreciate progress no matter how small. You'll eventually get there.
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You're doing good actually. Sounds like u have ambition! I feel like a loser.

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I had a great day until this stupid college event my teacher made us do. We had to go in front of basically a ton of people and say one line. Sounds easy right? Well apparently not for me and my anxiety, I was the ONLY ONE to stutter and mess up our team. I felt so guilty, and immediately after that I wanted to just run off the stage and kill myself. I'm still having those thoughts, and the more I mature the more I realize I don't have much to live for.
I thought I was fine and had no anxiety really going on the stage, but when the mic was in my hand I had no idea I was going to mess up that badly. I'm just so sick of feeling bad for myself, and hating myself for everything that I do, I'm sure I won't have these feelings in heaven.

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I'd say everybody does, so long as their definition of 'productivity' matches up with their assigned work.

I'm a chronic procrastinator, like many students. The time I'm leaving a piece of work to the last minute possible typically consists of a period of comfort in knowing that I have plenty of time to do it. As the deadline approaches, however, what was days ago essentially irrelevant to me, climbs up to the back of my head. Accordingly, my anxiety level increases, without my productivity level increasing to compensate. Alas, I make up excuses. "I won't need to spend much time on it," or "I'll do it in X stages on these (not today) days. Planning, research, writing up.. etc."

Whether I'm watching Netflix or thinking about my crush's face, the work and anxiety surrounding it is constantly at the back of my mind. I wonder, have I chosen the right deadlines to minimize my workload while getting a good grade? I forget what I'm watching on Netflix. Perhaps I'll decide to bite the bullet and start it then and there. Or perhaps I'll try my best to ignore the building guilt and self doubt and focus on the show.
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I usually get disappointed in myself. Especially when I waste my valuable free time doing nothing. I like to give myself little projects to work on during my free time to keep my mind busy, but sometimes I decide to get high instead and waste the whole weekend.
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