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Live 100+ years
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Jessica Biel

"I think the existential dilemma is: We're social animals, so we all wrestle with a sense of inadequacy. But when we realize that we're not as inadequate as we thought we were, and when we realize that everybody elese also thinks they're inadequate, then the ache goes away and the idea that we're not a person of value disappears to some extent."

"I wash myself with a rag on a stick"
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Originally Posted by JimmyDeansRetartedCousin View Post
Jessica Biel
hahahaha. Quality!

Ireland.... rescuing sober people since the dawn of time

"with you dub i will never be 100% lesbian"

A Kiirby is fer life, not just fer Crimbo
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I'd love to get an answer for my post in this forum section.
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I want to...

1. Travel the world (I'd be satisfied with at least Italy, Japan, France, UK, Spain and Mexico)
2. See all 50 states (if not that then at least see the west coast before I die)
3. Own my own place
4. Own a dog
5.Take art classes
6. Get my bachelor's
7. Be a GOOD artist - not world famous or anything, but just good enough that someone would actually desire to buy one of my works.
8.Have a child.
9. Fall in love with someone who loves me jsut as much as I love them.
10.Go to a science fiction convention!
11. Get over SA and make a lot of good friends
12. Have at least one male and one female lover in my lifetime
13.Go scuba diving.
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My Bucket List:
-Join the Peace Corp
-Teach English in Japan
-Live the life of a Buddhist monk for a year
-Master a martial art
-Marry a beautiful, caring, fun woman
-Have a couple kids
-Establish a group of close friends
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Originally Posted by MrNiceGuy View Post
heres a short list of my bucket list
- ask a girl out
- visit a foreign country
- get a 6 pack
- sky dive
- win a fight
- get married
I lol'd at your post (in the best way possible.) This thread basically wins.

- Get a record deal
- Tour America/Europe/Asia

Yeah, I can pretty much die a happy person at that point.
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  • Get my own place.
  • Travel the world.
  • Have a boyfriend.
  • Be in a high paying job.
  • Raise awareness of social anxiety and campaign for the right to be quiet!

Oh well. I can dream......
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"Why So Serious?"
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  • kick down a door
  • skydive
  • look like ahnold in his twenties
  • go to an Arsenal game
  • go to Amsterdam and get stoned out of my mind
  • have sex
  • punch someone in the face really hard (someone who deserves it though)

The only thing consistent in life is change.
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-Go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight showing and throw stuff

-Dress up like a scifi/fantasy character & go to DragonCon (or another Con or Vampire Ball)

-Go to an ball in Vienna, a ski resort in Switzerland, a pub in Ireland, and visit the pyramids in Egypt.. and maybe eat some cheese in France, some pasta in Italy, and of course, learn to tango in Argentina

-Be able to walk to work

-Fly somewhere far on a private jet for lunch and return the same day

-Have a niece/nephew (not really up to me haha)

-Write a book

-Kiss someone on NYE at Time Square in NYC
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* throw glass of water over someone (who deserves it)
* have a food fight
*throw a glass at the wall dramatically
*learn piano and french
*date a hot french boy
*write a book
*be thin again
*get my own place
*go to the ballet or opera
*get a puppy
*kiss a girl
*go to an All Time Low gig
*watch the stars, preferably with a boy
*send a message in a bottle
*be the person on Facebook who has 1838237327 photo's of themselves and there friends
*meet someone i can have deep convos with
*lead a campaign to bring back Golden Grahams to england
*do a guest appearence on The Simpsons (will never happen but would be cool)
*be completely independent
*blast Feeder - Buck Rogers down the motorway in my old mini (want one so bad)
*defeat Gannondawf on old school Zelda OOT on the 64 (something i just have to do)

there's prob loads more but when it's a struggle to even get out the door i will leave it at this.
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-I want to be good at something I like and is profitable
-I want to be in shape
-I want to be the mentor of a person who will become sucessful
-I would like to know how many people didn't actually read other people's lists before posting their own
-I would like to have a family and kids

Stay away from here. It's not healthy.
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My Bucket List has about a 100 different things on there. Too many to post right now. Originally it had around 150. I had made lists since I was a kid about what I wanted to do but never knew what the term for it was.

If you go onto the website www.43things.com/ it lets you track 43 different things on your bucket list. Once you complete one, it allows you to add another one. I actually really like the site because its basically a support system for people. You can cheer other people on, read how they achieved similar goals. Some goals are pretty cool, some are weird, and some are funny. You can read what people set for themselves.

Achieving some things on my Bucket List has actually helped me feel more productive. For instance. At a moment of feeling like I have not done anything with my life, I tackled a goal of learning to say 'Hello' in 12 languages. Apparently I had already known six that I didn't realize before. The rest were easy. I wanted to learn popular languages, looked at it online, figured out pronunciations of words, and asked my friend how to say hello in Korean... It took me a few weeks to memorize it all but it was kind of fun and could be useful.
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Be thin.

Travel by myself.

Learn German and Sign Language

Learn to play the piano

Be rollin in dough

- I'mma be the syrup she can be my waffle.
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Originally Posted by chenna View Post
-Kiss someone on NYE at Time Square in NYC
I'll do it

If you pay the airfares...
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Originally Posted by chenna
-Kiss someone on NYE at Time Square in NYC

I'll do it

If you pay the airfares...
I would probably take you up on that, you know, if I could! lol.
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- Find a job that makes me happy and provides enough of an income to live comfortably
- Find a philosophy/belief system that resonates with me to the point I actually want to live by it
- Read every single piece of Star Wars canon
- Get a full suit of stormtrooper armour
- Find a girl that I click with
- Learn to ride a motorbike
- Buy a motorbike
- Do a wilderness survival training course
- Go on a camping trip across North America
- End up living someplace beautiful and remote with the girl I mentioned earlier
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Have sex
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meet slash
try lsd
sky dive
bungy jump
find the love of my life
travel the spain
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No longer good at posting
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pass the Firefighter exam
get at least one of my songs published
slam dunk
take a martial arts class
visit at least Australia
dress up at a Halloween party
open up a pinball arcade/coffee shop
build at least one bamboo hut, or a series of huts
own a big house
beautiful wife and kids

...I want something good to die for. To make it beautiful to live.

You can do what you can't do.

My ultimate goal in life is to make people snort-laugh.
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