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It went really well and I'm so relieved. I saw the person in charge of the service. I've got 2 booklets to fill in as trying to establish if anxiety or depression is worse. She was really perceptive and picked up on the fact that I was good at putting on a front and hiding my depression. She looked tearful at one point when she was really sad that I'd tried loads of things over about 10 years without much luck. I'm glad she took me seriously. I had trouble concentrating and she noticed I was lagging behind when I was talking. She did seem to think I should be signed off work as I was very out of it and couldn't concentrate and didn't think I'd get a job in an interview at the moment.

There was some practical stuff about talking benefits with the job centre tomorrow and about an organisation that helps people into work/provides support
I'm going in for half an hour next week to be monitored
I can only get CBT in October but after my holiday can start online CBT where a nurse phones you up weekly to check up on you
She will start hypnotherapy to work on self esteem* after my holiday
She says I can go on courses on managing sleep problems, anxiety, relaxation in September
She said 1 or 2 paracetamol 1 hour before bed might help me sleep

*She asked if I tried it and I said no as didn't know if it was rubbish. She said no, she does hypnotherapy I said I had some CDs....
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