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worries about CBT assessment

I will try and edit this down as I write lots of details!

I am going for assessment for CBT next week. I had 6 sessions of CBT in 2007.

What if I can't get any therapy for months?I don't trust them to help based on previous experience and worry I will ultimately be left without help. I don't feel motivated to pull myself out of this situation on my own and really suffer feeling miserable every day. I've tried 5 anti-depressants and they haven't had much effect.

I'm very depressed and worried I will not be able to do CBT as not motivated enough. I worry it won't help me. I worry I won't be able to do the exposure. I worry I won't be able to have meaningful friendships or a job at my level.

I have never officially been diagnosed so also worry that could have Asperger's which was suggested at one point or something else apart from SA.
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