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Can't Talk to Family or Friends...Mute

For some reason I cannot have a full-on conversation with my own family members. When they ask me something, I'll answer, but in one or two words. Sometimes I don't say anything when they talk to me, I'll nod or do some kind of physical gesture to let them know I heard them. I never start conversation of my own and keep everything locked up inside of me. I get criticism and I take it without standing up for myself. I feel like I can't speak. I don't know if it's because I'm tired all the time or if I just don't care. I just can't do it.

I've heard of selective mutism, and this may be just what it is. Speaking is the most difficult thing for me to do. I'm so introverted and alone all the time, that when someone finally talks to me, my mind goes blank and I can only use gestures or simple words.

I'm going to see a counselor on the 22nd of this month. Perhaps I can get some answers there.

But please, if anyone else struggles with this, let me know. Thank You.
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