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Originally Posted by mre314 View Post
Man, I need to change before I get to college.
mre, I wouldn't approach it this way. You, yourself, do not need to's really just a matter of accepting yourself for how you are.

I understand where you're coming from about graduation. When I graduated high school four years ago, my anxiety was just beginning to onset. I don't remember taking pictures with anyone. At all. I had some friends but I was too anxious to take pictures with them and socialize.

But, by now, I've come to accept the fact that I'm not always going to be in a people mood. It's just who I am. And those that matter will accept that about you, as long as your accept it about yourself first.

Self-actualization is a long process. You're going to find out a lot about yourself when you get to college. You might even change as a person, completely. But accept it. All of it. Especially your anxiety. It's part of who you are (and it's part of me and everyone here, too.)
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