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My college graduation was over two weeks ago, and it was definitely not a good experience for me. All the people earning their Bachelor's degree from a respective college within the university were seated together and such. We were in no order so when we walked across the stage, we just handed the woman a card with our name on it. Basically, we sort of got to line up on our own and 'choose' who we sat by during the ceremony and such. Definitely not exciting when you see everyone in like groups of 12 and such and you're sort of in a group of only 3 or 4.

The anxiety kicked in when it seemed like most everyone knew everyone else and was having a good old time just socializing before, during, and after the ceremony whereas a couple other guys and I just sort of were like, 'yea, this is cool' (side note: I have a younger brother at the same school who pretty much knows everyone and did a whole lot more socializing than me - I mention this because my parents and relatives had to point it out MULTIPLE times that afternoon).
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