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Heh my graduation was the worst. I took pictures only with my family, I saw one of my close friends and he just was happy as hell with his girlfriend and I guess he was so caught up in excitement we barely even talked. Everyone was with their friends hugging and crying and I was just standing there looking around to see if I found someone I knew that would at least say "grats man!". I didn't see anyone else. After that everyone went to parties, went out to dinner, or had a night filled with sex. What did I do? Went to mc donalds, bought some double cheese burgers....ate and then went to sleep. Yipee.

Edit: Oh and trust me if you go to college out of your city then it won't be like high school. I spent one year in a university out of my home town and things where much different. It was a break from reality, for a while I wanted to stay there forever. If you do stay in the same city and go to college there then some high school things may come up down the road. I live in a fairly small town (about 28,000 ppl) and only one community college so you see the people you saw at high school all the time.
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