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Im more of an anti-life supporter. I support the death penalty (I think more people should be executed) and I support abortion. Less people on earth = less causing suffering onto others. If you dont remember being in a uterus, then that means you didnt feel pain as fetus and you wouldnt even realized you have been killed.

My definition what makes someone legally a person is: If you have consciousness, and can feel pain then you are a living person, otherwise you are a corpse or a fetus. Fetusi most likely do not feel pain and do not have capacity for memory recall.

Life is NOT precious because 6 billion people are already living on this planet. As the population grows, the quallity of life will be further diluted because it will outpace the technological advancements that are necessary to support a reasonable quality of life.

If this was 1500 BCE then I would be pro-life because the human population wasnt nearly as large.
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