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Originally Posted by Zephyr View Post
Doesn't really matter what the majority wants; the SCOTUS decides based on legal precedent and the Constitution.
The Supreme Court is activist on both the liberal & conservative sides. They are hardly insulated from politics given that members are appointed by Presidents. It's probably one of the greatest powers a president has. He could name a justice who's relatively young like 45 and there is no retirement age so that justice could potentially be there deciding the law of the land for the next 40 years. A president, of course, risks picking somebody who turns on them since they can express their true views once on the court since there is no way to get rid of them till they retire voluntarily or die.

The US Constitution doesn't mention abortion at all, thus many libertarians who take their Constitution literally would deem abortion to not be a federal issue at all.

In some ways I think abortion rights might be better protected if they were not regulated at the federal level. Making it a federal issue means that the US government can allow abortion across the land, but also means they can ban it outright from sea to shining sea. If abortion were an issue for the states, it inconceivable that you could actually manage to get 50 states to all agree to ban abortion. It would almost certainly remain legal in some states, virtually eliminating the risk of a nation-wide abortion ban that exists if you have it as a federal issue.
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