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Originally Posted by SilentLoner View Post
If anyone is anti choice or pro life, look up some young women named Gerri Twerdy Santoro, Becky Bell and Spring Adams. Read their obituaries. :

Police took a photograph of Santoro's body as it was found: naked, kneeling, collapsed upon the floor, with a bloody towel between her legs. This picture was published in Ms. magazine in April 1973. It has since become a pro-choice symbol, used to illustrate the belief that access to legal, professionally-performed abortion reduces deaths from unsafe abortion. :

Rebecca "Becky" Suzanne Bell (August 24, 1971–September 16, 1988[1]) was an American woman who died as a result of a back-alley abortion in 1988. She lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. [2]

Bell became pregnant at age 17, but under a state law in Indiana, minors required parental consent to obtain an abortion. Said to be unwilling to tell her parents about her pregnancy for fear of disappointing them, or go to court to receive a judicial bypass, Bell sought an illegal abortion. Within a week of the procedure, she became seriously ill and died from a massive infection. [1]
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