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Originally Posted by millenniumman75 View Post
Do you expect them to call everybody for this question?
We may be more pro-life and conservative on some issues than even the most liberal would like to think.

I thank my mom for not aborting me. For those of us born after 1973, a good percentage of our generation isn't here to say that.
Abortion was just as common before 1973. Lets see how many people aren't here because of women who died from unsafe and illegal methods.

Originally Posted by WinterDave View Post
If the results of this poll had supported liberal orthodoxy, i.e. atheism, gay marriage, pro-choice, anti-death penalty, pro-gun rights, anti-Patriot Act etc. then it's results would be posted all over the place here, with numerous responses of joy and affirmation.Sounds like 'selective interpretation' based upon political dogma....
Oh yes, something completely uheard of from the consevative orthodxy.
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