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Originally Posted by WinterDave View Post
If the results of this poll had supported liberal orthodoxy, i.e. atheism, gay marriage, pro-choice, anti-death penalty, pro-gun rights, anti-Patriot Act etc. then it's results would be posted all over the place here, with numerous responses of joy and affirmation.Sounds like 'selective interpretation' based upon political dogma....
I think WinterDave made a typo. I'm pretty sure the "liberal orthodoxy" is not pro-gun rights.

As for the main issue here, I simply call myself pro-abortion. I deem it the best choice to deal with unwanted pregnancies. I certainly would never force it on anybody, but it certainly would be my recommendation.

The whole pro-life movement means zip. If abortion were outlawed in the US women would simply go to Canada or Europe for abortions. Or are you going to make every woman pee on a stick before leaving the country and prohibit all the pregnant ones from travel abroad?
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