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Originally Posted by screwjack View Post
About a 1,000 people over the phone (re:old people) zzz wake me when it's a real poll and not a media created story.
Does Gallup call cell phones?

We receive a lot of questions about cell phones and their implications for survey research. The short answer to the questions: Gallup includes cell phones in each and every national Gallup Poll survey. Contrary to what appears to be conventional wisdom, those Americans who only have cell phones are not excluded from Gallup Poll national samples.

It is surprising to find that many observers assume that the survey research industry isn't aware of the fact that increasing numbers of Americans are using cell phones in addition to, or in lieu of, traditional landline phones.

The industry -- and Gallup -- is, of course, exceedingly aware of this phenomenon. For example, the recent annual conference of the American Association for Public Opinion Research included seven scientific sessions, each with four or more scientific papers, dealing specifically with the cell phone issue. This is not a new issue and one the industry has been very carefully analyzing for years. The facts are clear. Up to 15% of households now use cell phones only. Studies show that these households tend to be younger, more minorities, and more transient.

Gallup's methodologists and survey scientists have carefully assessed and monitored the cell phone situation in a number of ways. Gallup has studied, researched, conducted test polling, analyzed existing data, examined the implications of the inclusion or exclusion of cell phones -- and all in all come at the issue of cell phones in almost every way possible.

The bottom line: Since Jan. 2, 2008, Gallup has been including cell phone-only households in all of our national telephone Gallup Poll surveys. Households that have only cell phones are now as eligible to fall into our national Gallup Poll samples as those living in traditional landline households.

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