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Originally Posted by QuakerOats167 View Post
would L-theanine help take the edge off of someone with mild anxiety attacks? i think i just have too much adrenaline going through me or something because i get nauseous and anxious really easily and im wondering if something like L-Theanine will help me relax a bit? the closest place for me to buy supps is GNC and they dont have L-Theanine specifically but they have this Suntheanine product which is supposed to basically be the same thing...

is it worth giving a shot?
Its definitely worth trying, why not? I just bought the L-Theanine today and will be taking it tomorrow. If you haven't tried Valerian root I would suggest buying that. It has helped me be more comfortable when I was job searching and allowed me to be calm and collected during my interview that got me the job.

Instead of having nervous little "jolts" like I normally would (kind of squirmey and probably visibly uncomfortable to the interviewer), I was relaxed and mature. I'll definitely keep taking Valerian root...I'll let you know how the L-Theanine is. And you can also order products online if you can't get them at a local nutritional store.
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