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long distance running

Anyone here a long distance runner? Last year I successfully trained for a half marathon but didn't end up running the race (anxiety: I couldn't get any sleep the night before). I'm going to give it another go this year, and within a two or three years I'd like to try a full marathon. I was a distance runner in high school but didn't run with any regularity for years afterward; it was only last year that I picked it up again, and remembered how much I loved it. Endurance is one of the few athletic skills I have: I lack strength, I like speed, I lack agility, I lack flexibility, etc. etc. etc. But I can run far and I can run for a long time.

I think this is a really positive thing for me for all sorts of reasons. The challenge is to stay motivated and to stick with it. Anyone have any good success/failure stories regarding distance running? Anyone run a marathon (full or half)?
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