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Originally Posted by millenniumman75 View Post
If he's Spanish, his name would be Ramon.

Ramon was driving the refrigerator truck to a repair on High Street. He opens the door and a small dog comes up and barks three times before turning around and running away. Ramon was wondering if this dog was trying to say something to him. He walked up to the door and noticed dog treats on the porch. "No es normal" he quips as he knocks on the door. No answer arrives on his first try. He tries again, and the door opens to reveal a very Hippie-like interior to a house with weird incense. "Hello. Who are you?" a lady in a tie-dyed muumuu said. "I am here to repossess your refrigerator.", Ramon replied. "Who do you think you are?! I am RainCloud Adams! I pay my bills!", she recounted.
...actually, Ramon is better!! ...a muumuu!!

Cool script there MM!!!! hehe!

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