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SAS -The Movie!

(I got this idea from a couple of posters in another thread!...)
A collective effort to write our own amateur movie script all about SA. Include your own experiences with it, personal quirks, funny and awful sides to it; and make the story go wherever you want it to go. ...sort of like control the movie of your life.

First, establish the main character(s) name(s) and basic setting.

....I think I'll go for a guy -just to be different from me- named Ramondo. He's a tall and well built Spanish 24 year old refrigerator repair-man, and amateur musician. Has heaps of girls after him, and a real allure of mystery -or at least, that's so far how the girls interpret his constant avoidance of them. The few friends he has secretly (and not-so-secretly!) think he's gay and every now and then he pretends to be, just to keep gossip down! Actually, Ramondo wishes he was gay -maybe that is the answer to all his problems!!! -If only it could be...!

Anyhow, if you guys don't like "Ramondo", feel free to suggest another character. Also, any other main characters and general plot setting. ...Then we can get started.

Only rule is: You can't type more than 10 lines in one go.

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