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Buprenorphine Theoratically is stronger than morphine, and 8mg of Buprenorphine would be way stronger than percocet. But it's NOT!! Because it only a partial mu-opiod receptor antagonist you don't feel like the effects like you would if it was a full one.

But, in europe they still use it as a pain medication, under the name temegisic and believe it or not the dose is like .02 mg!! I can not believe I take something that is 40x times the dose! And they give it instead of potent meds like oxycotin to cancer patients, I don't understand how .02mg of bupe would help a cancer patient.

It help depression though!

Oh, and I got yelled at by my psychatrist for mixing adderal xr with my Nardil. I can not believe it the pharmacy called and told on me! He scolded me and asked me if I had a death wish.

I guess I deserved it, for being so stupid, I read it was ok on a website, I guess you should not believe everything you read.

Oh, and he would not give me Provigil, he looked it up in his book and it said can not take with MAOI's. He said if another doctor gave me Provigil he would not care, but he does not want to take the chance.

That sucks, because I know provigil would be safe.

And medline is right T3 is a med that augments antidepressants, and is supposed to speed up there action, they sometimes give it to suicidal patients in hopes that it will pull them out of there massive depression faster, because they don't have time to wait a month.
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