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If you really have to take a benzo like I do sometimes take one, out of the three benzos(klonopin, xanax, and valium), I would take Xanax because it is fast acting, and gets out of your system quick so you don't build a tolerance.
Unless, you want to take a benzo long term then I would take valium with it, instead of klonopin because people on nardil don't do well with kpinz, valium also is great for anxiety and has a long half life, so it is better for long term use, you don't have to worry about missing a dose as much, and you can get off it much easier.

If your taking a benzo once in a while, xanax is the way. Xanax is very effective for night time insomnia too.

Another thing people augment nardil with is T3, the pill is called cytomel and it speeds up your thyroid, and metabolism I think. One doctor put me on it because he said it augments antidepressants and make them work faster, I actually got more energy and enjoyed it, I really think it worked! but then two other psychatrist said they never heard of it, and one took me off it because he said that was a stupid idea and the other doctor did not have a clue what he was doing......yeah right, it was the other way around.

I read people augment Nardil with T3 all the time.

I wonder what the true reason is for this, and how it actually works?

It would not hurt to try, I really don't know how it reacts on other people, and I don't know if it will give you energy like it did me because it is not a stim.

Another drug that is highly effective for treatment resistant depression is BUPRENORPHINE.

I get it for generalized pain, and was also given it to get off a stronger opiate i was taking, methadone and morphine.

I only take 4mg, to 8mg a day although I am scripted the max 32mg a day. MOST people say that lower doses work better on depression and anxiety from personal experience, I read this over and over again.

Even though it's a opiate it is non addicting, that is why it's approved to get off narcotics (opiates) the effects are not that noticable if you already were on a strong opiate, but if you try it with out being on another drug first you will get a strong effect like maybe taking 4 vicodens, but it wares off quickly. It actually is a Partial MU antagonist, not a full one, that is why that it don't get you high, It's cling to one of the MU recptors in your stomach so hard, that if you took another opiate it would render it useless. It is also affect the KAPPA receptors, I have no idea if this is responsible for antidepressant effects. I know it has been proven to work on depression especially TREATMENT RESISTANT DEPRESSION, and it has been tested and studied for this reason. And, for me it's the second best augmentor for nardil, behind lyrica.

In the US, physchatirst and doctors have to have a special license to prescribe it, so if you live in another country I don't know if you can get it. If you live in Europe you will probably get it easy because they use it for PAIN more than they do in the US, because it is not offically FDA recommended for pain in the US right now, but I think it will, or should be soon.

If you get it, it probably wont be for depression anyways, unless you have a real cool doctor, or someone who reads the studies or someone who is really willing to help. Read the studies it works, buprenorphine works GREAT for DEPRESSION for a lot of people.

On the other hand, Nardil has not been working well for me as of late, unless I augment it with lyrica, and buprenorphine and maybe a benzo, because I don't know if it has kicked in yet, I have been taking it for a month, I will give it one more month and if it does not work, I am switching to parnate or getting off antidepressant all together, and probably just use anti-anxiety agents. I have tried a bunch of anti D's (zoloft, remeron, effexor, paxil, lexpro, trazadone, anafranil, prozac, and probally many more also stims ritalin, concerta, ritalin sr, adderal, adderal xr, dexadrine, focalin xr, and anti psychotic geodon, serquel, haladol, and mood stabalizor depakote )

I just don't think antidepressant are for me, I even read in some studies MAOI's are no more effective than the newer SSRI's and if that is true I am screwed. That means I will probably have to wrestle with depression all my life. There is also studies on SSRI's(KIRSH) saying that antidepressants are no more effective that placebo. Again if that is true, I will probably end up living a sub par life- either on disability, or floating around, I just hope that I dont turn to drugs, or suicide, god please I hope I have a breakthrough so that does not happen.

I think Nardil has real bad effects on my concentration, another reason I wish I was prescibed a stimulant, but oh well, stimulants don't work as well on social anxiety as they do on depression and ADHD anyways. They can make you jittery and more anxious.

Oh yeah, I make sure I take a B-Complex because nardil has been proven to deplete vitamin B-6. I would also take a multi vitamin.

It is also great to take something with DHA, and EPA, like fish oil, and flax seed. I put a bunch of flax seed on my oatmeal everyday. Fish oil is better for OMEGA 3's though, actually HEMP has the most balanced OMEGA 3's EPA, and DHA, for the human body. EPA, and DHA, have been studied and been proven to calm the mind, and help with disorders like depression and anxiety, good for the mind. And, does not interact at all.

Also, do not drink protein shakes, they may be healthy but some contain SOY (which is contradicted) and a lot have a ton of Amino Acids, some have even more added because amino acids are really good for you but, in most blends of amino acids there is TYROSINE which is basically the pre-curser to TRYAMINE, I may be mistaken but I think I read that somewhere. I know if you took a Tyrosine pill (which is stimulating) you would probably have a trip to the hospital because of it's filled with TYRAMINE, even more than aged CHEESE I think.

Ok, that about sums it up. Good luck with the Nardil! I hope it kicks in for me, or it's the blue for me.....
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