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Nardil Augmentation - Please leave your comments, suggestions.

For me, Xanax and Klonopin do not work quite the same as they do on Nardil. It may have to do with the way Nardil already inhibits that GABA enzyme? I actually believe I need less klonopin, and xanax know that I am on a MAOI, because it messes with it's effects, is that true for other people? I know it is for some. For me Nardil takes away the anti anxiety properties of benzo's and just makes me sedated. Blah.

On the other hand, I think Lyrica is the best augmentator. It is very easy to get, I had a doc throw it at me, it is FAST ACTING, and some say it make you feel like your on GHB on high doses(GHB I read is awesome for anxiety, but illegal and highly addictive). Low doses don't do nothing but sedate you, and make you feel out of it. But when you get into the 400-600mg range it actually SPEEDS you up, give you EUPHORIA, and actually for me totally changes the WAY I FEEL. The first few days, you may fall asleep on a high dose because it can be sedating before it turns to stimulating, thats why it is best to start at 100mg and go up.

But it is not without side effects, I feel dizyness, If you take it you will probably feel like your stoned, and some may people may comment that your eyes look glazed- like they do me, also for some reason you eat like a pig (Does anyone else get this effect).. The eating part is good for me, because it takes away my nausea (I have a vomiting disorder called- Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. But, it is a pretty benign drug and really easy to get. All you have to do is say that you have some nerve pain, or fibormyalgia, that is easy for a doc to believe because people with fibro are alway depressed. And if your depressed you might feel some pain, I know I do. I think that is why they advertise cymbalta for pain. Actually it has been approved in EUROPE for General Anxiety Disorder I think, and also been recommended for Social Anxiety, I read many people approve of it for SA, like PHDS in many books, and med sites like pub med, and using google scholar I found this information.

If your psychatrist has heard of it he might prescribe it for social anxiety or GAD, psychs used to give out it's little brother neurotin (which is no way as good I think). I have not tried neurotin though..does anyone know if it works as good as lyrica for anxiety? I know it was used for mood stablization. But, many people said that it overprescribed, and not good for the reasons they were giving it out like Bipolar, it was not clinically effect. Some compared it to a sugar pill. Lyrica is scheduled and NOOO way a sugar pill, take some and you will see! woah.

Like I believe I said it's pretty easy to get from a regular doctor, or registered nurse. Most doctors love this drug, as my doctor does. I hope they don't find out it can get you high for a bit on large doses (although the high goes away) because I am afraid that they will take it away or move it up to a higher schedule. Too much people are telling there doctor that this drug makes them stoned and are ruining it for the people who need it.

Beware getting off it, there is mild WD when coming it, less that benzo WD though, If you can handle benzo WD you can deff handle getting off lyrica. I heard of some people going to PSYCH WARD because they were freaking out when they stopped taking it...BABIES!! People should know that meds cause physical dependence. You should never get of medication without consulting your doctor anyways. Yes you will feel a little sick, and want to vomit. Low doses are easy as cake though, but if your on a dose high is me (400mg -600mg) then you will have to taper. I had no problems with tappering down within just a week, some nausea, and a little depression.

Your doctor may start you off at a low dose maybe, 25mg twice a day, or 50mg, twice a day. If you like it, demand more say it works well. I started off at at least 100mg, and worked my way up too 200mg, for a complete change in behavior, attitude, altered consious, changed thinking try 400mg. The max is 600mg, that is a little hard to get that is why I only get 400mg from my doc. But, when I feel like changing my mood and ablerterating(sp?) anxiety I take 600mg one day, and 200mg the next so I don't run out early.
It seriously alters how you feel in every way, your personality, your thoughts, your speech(chat, chat, chat), and you walk different at first (watch those walls!).

By the way it is also totted as NON-ADDICTING, they will even give it to substance abuser for some reason, although it is scheduled but I think it's a lower lever than even benzos?

My doctor will not prescribe Ritalin, or Adderal XR, because they are highly contradicted and some say here it is a recipe for disaster. You don't want to go to the hospital. I went behind my PDOC back and got some Adderal, I tried it with Nardil a couple times (maybe like 4) I did not get any hypertension even at doses 40mg of adderal xr, but now looking back it was not a good idea, and I and you don't want to risk it getting hypertension, and I didn't want my doctor find out I was taking without his knowledge so I stopped. Does anyone else do, or ever took a stimulant without the doc that give you MAOI's knowing? If you really want to try adderal xr make sure you doctor knows don't do what I did! I hope he don't find out about it. Do you think he will find out, I see him today, and I don't want him to take it away yet.

If you doctor is well versed in MAOIS, and has read many studies, you might get a low dose of dexedrine which is like adderal, but has one amphetamine salt, instead of four, I think this is why it is less dangerous BUT ACTUALLY A LOT MORE POTENT for some people. I still think it's dangerous.

Even Provigil is contradicted and a doctor who is not versed in MAOI probablly will not perscibe that either. I really want to try PROVIGIL.. do you think it is a stupid idea to order progvigil online, because it is less risky? I probably wont. But I really want to try modnafil..because Nardil give me HEAVY sedation,and hypotension . I think Provigil is less dangerous than the highly scheduled amphetamines, and dopamine antagonist.

Do you think Provigil/Modnafil it will help with Sedation, Concentration, and hypotension that Nardil gives me, if so I really want provigil. But, still probably would not take it with out caution it still effect some of the same receptors as Anti Depressant and Stims, which are not allowed I think, right?

I would not personally augment it with lamictal, lithium, or any antipsychotic, unless I was bipolar or heard voices, This will probably make me sedated as heck, even though they are not contradicted I don't think it's worth a try. How many others here take lamicatal, lithium or anti psychotics with a MAOI?

I think Benzo's do have there place but probably are better tolerated with parnate then nardil, because again nardil affects the enzyme that inhibits GABA. So, it may react differently there was someone who took KLONOPIN with Nardil, and had a panic attack, which was very strange, but belivable, because of how I think it changes the effect of drugs like klonopin. I think nardil effect KLONOPIN more than xanax, and valium for some reason, i tried them all.
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