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Post some random lyrics

I'll start:

Beastie Boys- So What'cha Want

You Know I Get Fly You Think I Get High
You Know That I'm Gone And I'm A Tell You All Why
So Tell Me Who Are You Dissing Maybe I'm Missing
The Reason That You're Smiling or Wilding
So Listen In My Head I Just Want To Take 'em Down
Imagination Set Loose And I'm Gonna Shake 'em Down
Let It Flow Like A Mud Slide
When I Get On I Like To Ride And Glide
I've Got Depth Of Perception In My Text Y'all
I Get Props At My Mention 'Cause I Vex Y'All
So What'cha Want
I get So Funny With The Money That You Flaunt
I said Where'd You Get Your Information From Huh?
You Think That You Can Front When Revelation Comes

This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.
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