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Re: I No Longer Have Social Anxiety (Nardil)

Originally Posted by 4_relief
lol one last question for "colonolpoop" would you say that nardil has pretty much cured you from your social anxiety symptoms, or just reduced them to apoint and some times still do feel uncomfortable at times, also do you combine this med with any other med for SA... thanks again
My Nardil's efficacy actually continues to improve with each and every day if you can believe that. I still have yet to reach my peak or climax on this drug. I think that is partially because my doctor has been adjusting me to the medication so gradually over many months. I didn't jump into the deep end and start taking 75mg my first day like some people I have read of.

I'm only on 60mg too, if I start taking 75, who the hell knows how confident I will be, the idea even frightens me some, haha. There's actually been times where I am talking to people and I tell myself that I should probably stop talking or let them get a word in. I just can't help it, I LOVE to talk on my Nardil. I get so bored when I am not talking to someone.

To answer your question though. Occasionally, I might get a little shy depending on the circumstances. For example, in school a few days ago, my professor put us in groups to work on our next assignment. There's about 7 people in my group and the first day, I was a little shy, I could talk and everything, but I was not a social butterfly by any means. But now on the 3rd or 4th day, I'm chatting it up with everybody like we're good buddies.

Yesterday at school though, I walked by some big football player type and slapped his a** because it seemed funny at the time. I'm not even gay, I just thought it would be funny and I did it. That in itself should give you a good enough idea at how this drug makes you feel.

Not even your typical confident guy can go around slapping strangers butts, I guarantee it.

*I forgot to answer the last part of your question. I do not take any other drugs to help with my social anxiety. All I take is Nardil and a prescription sleep aid. If you manage to get prescribed to Nardil, please do yourself a favor and get a prescription for a good sleep aid when you begin taking 60mg. I didn't know the insomnia could be so bad on this drug and I went days hardly sleeping with each new day thinking that tonight would be the night where I fell asleep. But it never happened.

Melatonin is a non-prescription sleep aid though and can be gotten at your nearby Wal-Mart. It's pretty effective for a non-prescription drug and I highly reccomend it if you can't get the "good stuff" from your doctor. Melatonin might even be enough in itself to get you to sleep. I'm just such a light sleeper as it is that I need a lot of help getting a good night's rest.
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