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Re: I No Longer Have Social Anxiety (Nardil)

thanks for the feed back, if you dont mind me asking can u you detail me what your symtpoms before taking nardil, how long youve been on it,if it is the U.K canadian or U.S and the difference its made. you dont have to answer but it will be appreciated.

Don't be silly man, I will answer every single question I get in this thread.

Before taking Nardil, I was very close to becoming a recluse. I only left the house when I pretty much had to, that meant going to school, work, etc. When not being faced with having to go somewhere, I spent most of my time by myself in my room.

I live in the states and I am pretty confident that I take American Nardil. All my prescriptions have a "Distributed by Pfizer" phrase on them.

I've been on Nardil for several months, gradually increasing my dosage with time. I have been on 60mg for a little over a month.
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