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Re: I No Longer Have Social Anxiety (Nardil)

Originally Posted by colonelpoop
Originally Posted by 4_relief
i am new to this website, i have been on a number of different ssris, a couple antipsyc's,klonopin, and they diddnt do anything. i am seeing my doc again to get on nardil on sept 17, my only fear after hearing so many great things about this med is that the remission you get from it is euphoria and that passes and your left with nothing. is this true?
The first month on this drug, you are what is considered hypermanic (i could be wrong on the spelling and the correct term here), but in other words, you are very euphoric and filled with lots of energy. After 1-4 months, this hypermanic phase passes and you become just happy and confident instead of feeling like superman on crack.

Many people report that the drug stops working for them when this hypermanic phase passes, but they are confused and mistaken. Unfortunately for many of these people, they may even stop taking the drug altogether for thinking it no longer works and when they return to their original self they realize how big of a mistake they have made.

There are people who have been on nardil for 10 years up until this very day and have nothing but amazing things to say about it.

Everyone's body chemistry is different, but I think it is safe to say that this drug will make a positive impact on anyone who decides to take it. That impact may be great or it may be moderate, but I think everyone will benefit to some degree.

thanks for the feed back, if you dont mind me asking can u you detail me what your symtpoms before taking nardil, how long youve been on it,if it is the U.K canadian or U.S and the difference its made. you dont have to answer but it will be appreciated.
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