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Re: Realizing that a lot of people are stupid helped me a lot

Originally Posted by Happyman
This post shows the logic and I'm sure most of you will agree with it, as well as the other people in the post like Ardum who showed examples.

However, as we all know, humans are emotional creatures, so logic alone does not produce long term results. Logic is just the starting point. It's the second step, actually talking to people and not caring, that will then give you the emotional point tieing it with your logical reasoning.

If I just sat here and talked philosophy and theories and equations, I could know I'm right, but it wouldn't do me any good until I apply it and gradually overcome my subconcious emotions that have been embedded in me.
Very well put! Yes, just cognitively defeating these beliefs alone does not typically change anything at the "gut" level.

That's the all-important "B" portion of CBT. C alone and B alone are not worth much at all unless they are fundamentally linked and work together consistently and thoroughly.

I've "beaten" a lot of anxiety in specific, testable social contexts that way.

Behavioral change is definitely vital.

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