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Realizing that a lot of people are stupid helped me a lot

When I had deep social anxiety, I cared so much about what people had to say about me. I clinged on to the words because I subconsciously believed that what they said was the most important thing. People were more confident than me, and so I let them have that power over me.

When dealing with lots of people I realized that a lot of people are really stupid. Their opinions don't mean jack. So many people are dumb, lazy, fickle, that it's backwards thinking to believe that they are more important than us.

I can get really angry at people because I felt like their opinion of me really matters. It pierces me sometimes when they say something mean to me.

What I've learned is that it's all in our heads. If you think you're better or worse or equal to someone, it's just you thinking that, and you can think what you want. It's all about perspective.
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