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Re: Things I've learned.

This next (and possibly final) post will talk about easing your anxiety with breathing.

Did you know that the average person should only breathe 4 or 5 times per minute? Bet you thought it was much more. I encourage you all to visit this website: and take the breathing test to test your breathing. I found out that I breathe incorrectly and this could make my anxiety worse.

Aside from the obvious health benefits, breathing correctly is beneficial because it can ease your physical anxiety symptoms. Think about it. In movies when people hyperventilate, they're given a paper bag where they breathe deeply in and out. This calms people who hyperventilate so it makes sense that it calms us anxious people as well.

Go that website that I posted above and practice breathing correctly whenever you can. Eventually the correct way will replace your old way of breathing.

Another great thing about breathing is that it helps people like myself who experience free floating anxiety. If you're experience free floating anxiety, concentrate on your breathing. Not only will this calm you, but it'll also take your mind off of the anxiety. This works for SAers when they're in social settings. Just take a minute to concentrate on your breathing and you'll feel much better.
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