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Re: Gay Marriage..?

Originally Posted by stylicho
Both sides fight. Im curious what gay people do though. I guess if two gay men have a relationship one has to primarily be the "man" and the other has to be the "woman" right? Would it be the same with two lesbian women? Or do they change roles lol? Im definately not interested in changing my orientation though if anybody thought that .
When 2 people disagree on something an argument ensues. There are no gender roles involved. When gay couples fight one does not have to be the "man" and the other the "woman". Likewise when the same couple is enjoying a period of conjugal recreation. They can both enjoy themselves. Sometimes they might even switch places. Why try and sterotype any relationship? Each one is unique in and of itself.

As for gay marriage, needless to say, I am for it. An unmarried "partner", gay or straight, has no legal rights. They cannot request medical information for their partner. In the event of the death of a partner, they cannot claim the body and arrange a funeral. Unless there is a will, they inherit nothing of their partner's estate. If their house is in the name of the deceased, they suddenly find themselves homeless. Even if it is in both of their names they can be forced to sell it.

Originally Posted by Bon
Oh and for the record, there is one man I would like to convert if I could;-) He's has great wood, volunteers his time, has a Honda, a decent job, a great bathroom, the major downfall, he also has a Ford.
I wonder who that could be!
(I don't think its going to happen sister!)

It is ironic, how often one comes across an atheist with a "holier than thou" attitude.
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