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Re: Has anyone tryed taking passion flower

I've come to the conclusion that all natural herbs are very mild remedies for severe SA. I have yet to find anything that even comes remotely close to benzos, Phenibut, or Nardil. I should mention that L-Theanine does help a little, especially in the higher dose range, but used only by itself, a severe SA'er would have a very hard time getting by in life. I guess that's why supplements are called supplements.

On certain nights I take a product called 'NightRest with Melatonin'. It includes Passion Flower, among other well-known herbs. It does have a calming effect for falling asleep faster, so I'd recommend that over any single supplement by itself, especially if one had a stressful day. For daytime use, it would probably just make a person's eyes get heavy.
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