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Re: Has anyone tried hypnotherapy?

Yessss! A couple of years ago i saw someone for my fear of public speaking. I had to give a speech in school,like other times, but knew i couldnt keep giving excuses as to why i cant give speech and let my grades suffer. Anytime i knew i had to give a speech i made myself sick w/worry.....Anyways, i saw this hypnotherapist one time and it did help me. All he did was talk to me when i was in a diff state of consciousness(relaxed) and asked me to picture something that relaxes me(i picked the beach @ sunset w/rolling waves) and to imagine that feeling while im up there giving my speech. It did help me! I felt better when i was in front of all my classmates and right before my speech. I still felt a little nervous,but hypno said better to have a little nervous energy in you. I probably shouldve seen him again but no more speeches have come up! If you want it to work, you cant be a skeptic or else you wont let yourself go and relax... I strongly suggest you try it!

I just read all of your orig post..all i can say is make sure this guy is a licensed hynotherapist or better yet a psychologist/therapist! Your psychologist didnt have a recommendation?!?! I guess im lucky, this guy was a colleague of my mom's and family friend. Has to be someone you trust!
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