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Re: SSRI verses SNRI

SSRIs are a popular first line choice because they are relatively safe and very little potential for addiction-- not because they actually work well. They generally fail in about 80% of patients. SNRIs carry much of the same serotonin related effects (side effects as well) that SSRIs have with the addition of norepinephrine that may actually cause a worsening of anxiety. SNRIs could be argued a superior choice for depression but are, at best, not much of an upgrade for anxiety over SSRIs. Either class may be helpful in secondary condidtions with SA like depression and panic but do little for anxiety itself.

So the general consensus is, they both suck for SA just SSRIs suck less.

As for effexor, theres plenty of people on here that have used it. Its just notoriously ill favored for its withdrawal. Cymbalta doesnt quite have the same reputation but it floats in the same boat.


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