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anxiety, as you know, sucks...

i just look around at the millions of other people my age, and they all are on a nice normal track of life, where they are dating, socializing, and having fun. i felt so depressed by all my anxieties, and looking at where my life was headed, plus some other problems, that i had to leave college for the term. i am an incredibly smart person, but i can't even focus on school like other people because of all this!! i could be an A student easily if i could only find my focus again

and i KNOW that i am one of the nicest, most open minded, nonjudgmental people that you will ever meet, but people just can't see past my shell. it makes me want to cry sometimes. i look at all of these mean guys treating their girlfriends terribly, and i can't even get the time of day with these girls, even though i know in my heart that i could be the breath of fresh air that they would be looking for. i am a really fun person, and i am always down for new activities, and i have a lot of adventure in my heart, but i am held back so much.

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