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Re: Embarrassing Moments..

Not because of my parents, but...

Last year around this time I was early into a friendship (I guess you could call it that) with a guy I liked. I thought he was rather good-looking, I could relate to him, and he asked for my number. Hah. Long time no attention - makes you do stupid things. I don't remember if this was the same day or not, but I ended up making an idiot of myself. He had started walking around the halls with me after class (I loathed this, because it meant making conversation). So this particular day we ended up having that class at the end of the day, I could just leave the building and not go straight over to my next class. We took a different route - and to avoid having to force conversation more I chose to go out the nearest door possible (which was stupid, since I'd be taking the long way home from there, and he knew that. Thanks SA).

Anyway, I completely forgot there was a gap between the door and the ground outside, and tripped. I don't know if he saw or not considering I never looked back. If he didn't notice, I'm sure other people did. It was the end of the day and people were everywhere. Ugh.

I have a habit of tripping on everything. At least I have good reflexes so usually I don't end up on my ***.

Another time I was in the school bathroom with a friend and whacked my hand really hard on a piece of metal on a stall door. It swelled quite a bit. (I also have a habit of being unaware that my arms aren't made of stone). They just swing away! I have to be careful when walking or else I might take someone out with a swing-punch as they're walking past me.
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