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Re: Embarrassing Moments..

I accidentally burped during an important interview. Two weeks ago. One of the girls across from me turned her head towards me really fast and shot me the ever-mighty ".....the ****?!" look. hah, they shouldn't have given us complimentary food. I can't be held accountable for surprise attacks; I didn't even know it was coming.. at least my mouth was shut. **** happens. Today, for example, I inadvertently ended up with rain water all over the back of my pants, and a group of girls pointed it out and laughed at me. Another recent example: my stomach made a noise that eerily resembled a fart during a meeting with my professor, and instead of clearing the air (no pun intended) by saying, "That was my stomach," I just let it go out of discomfort, so I'm fairly certain he thinks I farted in his office. I think that smile he gives me is the secret result of reminiscing over the hearty chuckle he had with his fellow colleagues after telling them about the weird chick that let one rip in his leather chair.
..... And I also had a cell phone incident. It involved my message alert noise going off every five minutes for what seemed an hour. I kept thinking, "what an *******... turn off your phone idiot. It's annoying everyone." I reach into my bag and.. yeah, it was mine. Everyone knew it.
I could go on for pages. My life is one embarrassing moment after another; you get accustomed to it after a while. Seriously, everything I just wrote has happened to me within the past month. I average around 4-5 soul crushing events every month. I'm dead inside now.

Oops, I must've read the thread wrong. Luckily, my parents weren't extremely embarrassing when I was growing up. My mom did the most embarrassing thing to me imaginable when I was 18. I'm not even going to say what it is, because it took me years to stop feeling sick to my stomach each time I thought about it. I still can't believe she did that. Mortifying.
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