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Embarrassing Moments..

I was just reminiscing about the past and remember some embarrassing moments that happened because of my parents. It was bad at the time, but looking back it was kind of funny. So if you have one, then share one of your embarrassing moments that happened because of your parents, and how you dealt with it.

For mine I was around 12 and wanted to go to the movies with some friends, and my dad had to take us. The problem was he had this junker of a car. Picture something that is rusted out, paint peeling everywhere, and it had a horrible backfire. Well sure enough he drove right up to the front where everyone was and the car let out a huge backfire, lol. All we could do was duck beneath the windows and try not to be seen, haha. Of course everyone was snickering when we got out, but we ended up having a good time, so that kind of helped.

Here is what the make of the car was for visual reference. This one is actually not bad looking. My dad's was the complete opposite in looks, lol.:

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