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Re: anyone has fully recovered from social anxiety?

Originally Posted by sparkations
I would assume those who have fully recovered from social anxiety do not frequent this board as they are feeling better.
Very good point. Don't get discouraged by people on this board who say that they can't fully recover from social anxiety. The ones that have had moved on and don't want to frequent this forum anymore.
Yeah thats true! I see some people for short periods of time here. They don't come here to post pictures or do any of the other socialization stuff but simply to use the board to get better. And they're serious about it and then they're gone. Some come back a couple years posting how they got better in the triumphs section or whatever.

That is interesting (the not sticking around on this board) because I think it is an external proof of an internal shift. They just don't vibe with the same kind of information or discussions. They read something but just don't gel with it... maybe they remember that they went through it but their current state of mind is different. Normal people think differently. Its just that simple. And then they leave. That is not to say this is a bad place. Its just not the right place for them anymore. So they leave.

The mindset of normal people is different from SA'ers. I know Duh! but if you take a closer look... its the cause of SA! Thats why Ross's (may I call you that?) example of exercising the brain to re-wire the neural patterns is a major way to change. Now some people may be anxiously prone naturally even without wrong thought patterns like Highly Sensitive People but even there I believe that solutions are available.

Its just the will to get where we want to be. Thats all is required. will, commitment, desire, courage, effort all pretty much the same. I've been here 4 years but only in the last 4 months have I really, actively put in the effort and am seeing the results! I hope that its only a short time away till I am anxiety free. Then its a process of experiencing Life situations and learning social skills. Life Beckons. :-)
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