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Re: anyone has fully recovered from social anxiety?

What it means for me to be fully recovered is that i can cope with any anxiety i feel. eventually you get to a point is the recovery process where its actually very difficult to make yourself feel anxious around people. i do have moments where i feel a little quesy in my stomach but everyone does. basically recovering from SA means your able to take responsibilty for yourself in situations where you used to feel out of control. you know that everything will be fine and nothing will be nearly as bad. once u start feeling better though you want to go out and by wanting to go out you learn a great deal about the social aspect in life and learn how to interact with people. once you learn the skills the fear goes away. if you force yourself to feel confident for short intervals of time around people. whatever u can manage at this point, u start seeing positive effects. but you have to start socializing on a basis where even if you dont want to go out u do anyway. just take it slow. keep looking for those positive experiences and build upon those, thats what causes confidence.

I had SA from the age of about 13 till i was 20. but only because i never knew i had a disorder till i was 19. so it took me somewhere of around a year before i was fully recovered. most of that time was spent not trying to overcome it. once i started going out i found myself rid of 70% of my social anxiety over about a 4-5 month period. it takes a while depending on how long you've had it.
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