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Re: anyone has fully recovered from social anxiety?

i believe SA is a mental illness but its an illness that is learned. as we all know no one is born shy. babies with inhibited temperaments make up 15-20% of all babies. 2 out of 3 of those babies turns out to be shy. mildly shy as opposed to extreme shyness. these shy babies fall along the continum. what i believe is that regardless of an inhibited temperament, a person can grow up to be socially well adjusted depending on how the baby's parents treated him and the influence of a parents natural temperament on the baby. It has been proven that 93% say they have felt shy at some point in their lives. The other 7% are just lying. its like saying you are born without any emotion to say you've never felt shy. so as a result of my understanding of SA i have and am a recovered SA sufferer. no longer do i let my anxiety ever play the way i live my life. if i ever do feel anxious i immediately bring myself back to the moment and accept my anxiety instead of dwelling on it. so, in response to your answer yes it can be overcome. good luck
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